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Entering the 2014 Ben Hair Memorial Open Water Meet

The Ben Hair Memorial Open Water meet is a USA Swimming sanctioned event, but it is open to USA Swimming members and non-members alike.  Coaches and team directors can download the official Virginia Swimming meet announcement.  Teams and swimmers with the ability to submit entries via a Hytech Meet Manager Commlink file or via a TeamUnify electronic entry are encouraged to do so.  All others may submit paper entries using the following instructions.

Registration Requirements and Options

The following forms must be submitted for all non-USS athletes participating in the Ben Hair Memorial Open Water Race (see "Submitting Your Entries" below for addresses):

  • The official race entry form & USA Swimming Single Day Registration Form - this PDF file has two pages:
    • Page 1- The official race entry form: form includes your athlete information, fee summary, t-shirt size, and liability waiver - one form must be submitted for every athlete.
    • Page 2 - USA Swimming Single Day Registration form: all swimmers must complete a single day registration form with an accompanying fee of $12 to be eleigible for the event. 
  • VSI Event Entry Form - in order to register for individual or team time trial events, athletes must complete this VSI event entry form.  This form can be used by a single individual or by a team of individuals to enter both individual events, team time trials, and to declare a team entry.  See below for detailed instructions on filling out this form.

Non-member athletes may enter as individuals, as part of a team swimming individual events only or as part of a team entered in a Team Time Trial event.  The following use cases describe different ways that non-USS athletes might complete the entry process:

  • A single athlete entering individual event(s) only - these athletes must complete the USS non-member single day registration form, the offical meet entry/waiver and the VSI Event Entry Form specifying the evens that they wish to enter.
  • A group of athletes competing as a team, submitting a single entry form - there must be one USS single-day member form and registration fee and an offical meet entry/waiver and submitted for EACH athlete on the team.  Event entries can be submitted for up to 11 athletes using a single VSI Event Entry Form.  If more than 11 athletes are being entered, multiple VSI Event Entry forms should be used.  This form also suffices as your team entry provided that the fields specifying team name and team coach name and contact info are filled out.  For teams without a formal coach an athlete point of contact should be entered in the coach fields.
  • A group of athletes competing as a team but submitting separate entry forms - each athlete must submit a USS non-member form and registration fee, offical meet entry/waiver, and submit a VSI Event Entey Form, indicating their team name and coach contact info on the form.  The Team Time Trial entry need only be specified on a single entry form - actual time trial members can be amended/specified at check-in.  Athletes and coaches can valso erify and amend their team roster at check-in in case of discrepancies or error in filling out the entry form.

Submitting Your Entries 

Entries may be emailed (scanned copies of the requisit docs) or snail-mailed. 
  • Email entries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Mail entries to: Jessica Simons, 109 Reynard Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901