Fry’s Spring Beach Club

Fry’s Spring Beach Club partners with Ben Hair Just Swim for Life to provide low-cost swim lessons to area low-income children, teens, and adults. With the instructor cost paid for by the Ben Hair Just Swim for Life program, and the pool space generously donated by Fry’s Spring Beach Club, over 800 children have benefited from swim lessons at Fry’s Spring Beach Club during the past several summers. The criteria for the lessons is that the participant lives in a household which qualifies for free or reduced lunch in the public schools. Participants in the program receive a session of swim lessons as well as time to play and swim recreationally following each lesson.

Swim lessons are currently being offered at Fry’s Spring Beach Club in a safe and socially-distanced manner to older children (6 & up), teens, and adults.

In addition to swim lessons, Fry’s Spring Beach Club hosts the Ben Hair Splash Club, a program that provides a transitional step between learning to swim and competitive swim team.


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