Think Tank Event

This BH-JSL Think Tank was inspiring, informative, action oriented …. and put us on a path to keep many at-risk children in our communities safe. This meeting brought together innovative and energetic leaders in Central Virginia with the goal of advancing the mission of BH-JSL.

Members were selected to join the Think Tank event based on leadership expertise and involvement in Central Virginia with swimming, with children and/or with the communities in which you live. Our plan for the half day session was to generate ideas to move forward with making children water safe. Members had an opportunity to learn, to hear a dynamic speaker, and to give their ideas — which were then put into action. Future involvement with BH-JSL is based on interest and desire to be part of this extraordinary effort. This event had a critical impact on the development and success of our program and our ability to make a difference for many children.

Our keynote speaker for the event was 2000 Olympian, Maddy Crippen.  Maddy was a finalist in the 400IM at the Sydney Games, and three-time National Champion. She is the sister of Fran Crippen, who tragically died in a World Cup event in Dubai, which has been attributed to the lack of water safety preparation and awareness.  She spoke about her personal passion for the sport of swimming and her commitment to making venues and people water safe.  

The mission of the BH-JSL Foundation is to raise awareness of the need, and to provide the motivation, systems, and tools to “waterproof” the children in our community by providing basic water safety skills. A recent study has found that up to 70% of children in many communities cannot swim and are uncomfortable around the water. We embrace the opportunity to be leaders in water safety so that more children will have the opportunity to learn how to swim. With this gathering of innovative thought leaders, we began to discuss ways that BH-JSL can advance the current level of swimming skills in our community. The end result of the “Think Tank” will be to create collaborations and a sense of common purpose that all children should have the opportunity to learn to swim. “Waterproofing” Central Virginia is an undertaking that will take many resources, abundant support and great minds to create a vision and determine specific goals to make it happen.

By bringing together leaders from throughout the community, we believe that this Think Tank event provided new ideas, support, and enthusiasm toward the goal of “waterproofing” our community.