The Legacy of Ben Hair Lives on in Lake Anna

- Check out this story about the Ben Hair Memorial Open Water Swim Meet

Rethinking the Qualification System for U.S. Open Water Nationals

- A number of years ago, USA Swimming instituted changes to the Junior and Senior national system of meets to address concerns within the coaching community and within the leadership of our sports governing body.

All About the Team Time Trial

- The Team Time Trial, or "Team Pursuit" as it's officially known in FINA parlance, is a race in which teams of 4 or more people swim as a group with the goal of having the 4th person cross the finish line with the fastest possible time. 

Tracking Participation in Open Water Races

- As the dust settled on Lake Anna after the 2013 Ben Hair Memorial Open Water Race, we wanted to take stock of where we were, and where we'd come from.